Listen to Elders, community leaders, Koorie Ed workers, mentors, principals, teachers and trainers sharing their thoughts about the TECP project and the importance of community ownership and involvement in learning, connection to country, using the creative arts and identity & belonging for engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in their learning.


Elders and Leaders

Aunty Melva Johnson

Uncle Rick Ronnan

Aunty Lois Peeler

Archie Roach

Aunty Greta Morgan

Uncle Des Morgan

Koorie Ed Workers

Kellyann Edwards

Brady Cooper

Alisha Britten


Aretha Briggs

Troy Walker

Principals and Teachers

Kathryn Gale

Eileen Rice

Jude Dolan

Brady Threlfall

Chrissy Drummond

Brendan Keeling

Kate Walsh

Meagan Nash

Kirrilee Westblade

Jo Green & Gerard Quinn


Emma Donovan

Deline Briscoe

David Leha

Lee Morgan